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Hannah has nicely allowed me to place her in her vibrating chair so I can have 2 hands and give an update on life in the Becker house. Though I think I heard some pooing a few minutes ago, and she is starting to fuss so we might be in a for a diaper change in a minute here.

Things have been going pretty smoothly since Hannah arrived. We brought her home Friday and enjoyed a quiet evening introducing her to the dogs and enjoying showing her around her new home. Then Saturday Adam’s mom came and met her. It was super nice since Hannah was so happy sleeping on her Grandma, Adam and I both got to take showers, and I even got a nap while Adam and Grandma did some laundry. Then we all went to my parents for dinner. Katie and Jacci came down from Corvallis to meet Hannah.

Sunday we went to the pediatrician to have her bilirubin levels checked again, but the doc took one look at her and said she was fine, so we avoided a needle poke, which was super nice. Hannah was born weighing 8 pounds, 9 ounces, and was down to 8.4 when we left the hospital, but Sunday morning she was already back to 8.5. It was nice to know she was getting some food. We went by walmart on the way home, we needed to get more lanolin since Chloe had eaten my tube of it. ew. She had some seriously smelly gas for a couple of days.

We vegged a bit, then headed to my parents who graciously fed us again. It was really fun to hang out at my parents with Max and Annette and Henry, enough grandbabies to go around, and nice for Adam and I to get to relax knowing Hannah was being well loved.

Monday we hung out at home. Lorna came over and kept Hannah and I company while Adam went to costco to get a few things, and brought home pizza.

Tuesday was my mom’s birthday. She came over early and held Hannah for a couple hours before she headed to bible study, I got to go back to bed. Both my parents have done this several times since Hannah came home and it’s been such a blessing. Those extra couple hours of sleep have helped me get through the day. Mom came back after bible study and we went to lunch at BJs. Hannah was still very happily sleeping in her carseat when we got home so we put her in her stroller and went for a walk to the park down the street.

Tuesday night started the 9 nights in a row that friends from our homegroup brought us dinner. It has been such a blessing! It’s also been really fun to have our friends meet Hannah. Our freezer is full to the point of overflowing.

We’ve had 2 rough nights so far, Saturday night, and last night. I did get a fair amount of sleep sunday night though. We’re not sure if it’s something I’m eating that making her so fussy, we’re going to ask at the pediatrician tomorrow to see if she has any ideas. Our pediatrician says we need to feed her every 3 hours, and that’s from the start of a feeding to the start of the next feeding, so if it takes and hour to feed her and get her settled down and sleeping, then I get a couple hours sleep before the alarm goes off and I need to wake her to eat. Usually I get 1 or 2 of these 2 hour stretches in a night. Sometimes I’m really lucky and get 2.5 hours cause she eats fast and goes back to sleep fast.

The lactation consultant from my OBs office was really helpful in suggesting that I not do anything to rile her during the late night feedings, no burping, or trying to get her to eat tons, if she just wants a little snack and then falls back to sleep, that’s fine. We learned that on the Monday after she was born and the nights after that had more sleep.

last night she sleep between feedings until her midnight feeding. I usually go to bed for a few hours after she eats after dinner, Adam is up working or gaming so he hangs out with her. Last night I was feeling well rested so I stayed up till her midnight feeding, but she never went back to sleep after that. I tried everything, feeding, burping, diaper changes, over and over again. Finally by 4am I was crying too and woke up Adam. He had her quiet within 5 minutes. Took several more minutes to calm me down. =) She slept on his chest for a few hours.

Now I know to wake him sooner when she’s freaking out, before I have the chance to really freak out.She has slept between most of her feedings today, so hopefully that means she’s done with the last fussy spurt and will sleep tonight.

She was just crying, but Adam came out and took her out of her chair and now they’re cuddling on the couch. Okay, she’s back to crying again, time to feed.

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