Happy Birthday Daddy

Hannah pulled out all the baby stops and walked for Adam’s birthday. She’s been taking steps for a few weeks, but she’d always plunge forward after a few. This week was the first time we’d seen her pause after a few steps and then start up again. She can’t stand up without pushing off of, or pulling up on, something. We usually stand her up and have her walk between us, or point her towards a toy.

Her 5th tooth broke through yesterday, so now she has her two front top and bottom teeth, and snaggle tooth.

We’re celebrating Adam’s birthday with a family vacation at the beach. Adam even got to take vacation yesterday too, we went to baby connection, where I’ve been going to get Hannah weighed since she was just a few weeks old. Hannah finally broke the 20 pound mark, now she’s 20 pounds, 6 ounces.

For dinner we are going to attempt to make cheesy blasters (from 30 rock)! Anyone know how to stuff a hotdog with jack cheese?

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