good thing it’s cute

It’s time to get out the humidifier, Hannah’s got another cold. The humidifier does look like an elephant, so that’s fun.

The only picture I’ve been able to get of the monkey walk is blurry, but you get the idea:

the monkey walk

She has been enjoying helping me with the drawer locks:

she had a blast pulling everything out of the drawer

and also enjoyed testing the new latches

Recently she’s been fighting her naps, there is much screaming involved, and now that she can stand up, there is a lot of me going back to her room to lay her back down (she can’t just sit down and go to sleep once she’s up, she’ll either stand and yell forever or sit back down too hard and scream). I’m hoping it’s just a phase, I’m not a big fan of the screaming.

She tried chicken and beef this last week, not very bigĀ piecesĀ of either, but now we can officially declare her a carnivore.

She had her first lego experience:
helping daddy build legoshelping daddy build legos

and worked on her drumming skills:

little drummer girl

and did lots of laundry:
baby beaver doing laundrybaby beaver doing laundry

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