Funny Hubby

I wish Adam would blog more, he’s just so darn funny. I was a little bit funny before Hannah and the sleep deprived fog, but now I am mostly just funny to watch, especially when someone tells a joke and I laugh 3 minutes later. =)

I also enjoyed that the google ads for today were about toilets and strollers, good work Hannah blog, confusing the advertisers.

Things are great in Hannah land. She weighed 12 pounds 7 ounces yesterday at birth to 3. The big milestone is when babies double their birth weigh, since then they are big enough and can hold enough food to stay full and sleep through the night. We’ve got a ways to go before we hit the 17 pound mark, but we’re chugging along. Hannah doing a lot more of the chugging than me. (see, I can at least try to be funny)

I had been trying to feed Hannah as late as possible each night so she’d ideally sleep as long as possible, but she kept waking up between 1 and 2am anyway. Then my wise friend Liz, who’s second baby is a week older than Hannah, mentioned that her little one sleeps till 1 or 2am even when his last feeding is at 8. So I thought it was worth a shot, I fed her around 9 when she was hungry, and got her ready for bed, and she took a little bit to fall asleep, but low and behold she slept till around 1am, wahoo!! Then she wanted to eat every 2 hours after that, but it was a step in the right direction. At our pediatricians appointment I asked how long she could go and the doc said she should be able to comfortably go 3 hours between feedings. So the next night when she woke up less than 3 hour since she’d eaten, I’d rock her, and eventually she’d go back to sleep. This constant waking and not feeding went on for a few nights. Then she seemed to settle into a pattern. She eats around 9, sleeps till about 2:30, then sleeps till 5:30, then she’s up for the day. I don’t love getting up at 5:30, but I do love sleeping from 10-2 (though often I end up playing on the internet or getting distracted by something else).

Last night we went to a baby stuff consignment sale and I got her a mobile for her crib. It was great because she laid in her crib and laughed and yelled at it for about half hour while I got ready. We also got her a johnny jump up, and I am super excited for her to be old enough to use it.

I got a video camera for my birthday, so once I figure out how to upload movies there will be lots of Hannah movies on her youtube channel.

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