First feeding adventures

Hannah is keeping me pretty busy, so I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like. I’m hoping now that we have Picasa as our photo storage, and it’s super easy to import pictures into a post, I can post more often and with more pictures. Today we had Hannah try rice cereal for the first time. It was so fun! I was expecting her to spit most of it out, and for us to need to wait a while before we tried again, but she didn’t spit out very much at all. She would get all excited and flail her arms, and open her mouth and lean forward. Everyone has been saying rice cereal tastes disgusting, but I tried it and it wasn’t terrible, and Hannah seemed to think it was yummy, or at least fun. So now we get to decide what food we’ll try next, maybe bananas.

Hannah has gotten really good with her hands, she can reach out and grab things, and get them to her mouth, unless they areĀ  shape that’s hard to fit in her mouth, then she just slams them against her face until she starts crying. She’ll stand in her exersaucer for 15+ minutes touching all the toys and flailing excitedly. I’ve been having her sit in her little chair top high-chair while I eat, and she slams her toys against her tray and smiles at me. She’s mastering the baby crunch and loves if we let her use our fingers as support so she can pull up from laying to sitting and then flop back down again. She is so enamored with Adam, if she hears him she’ll stop eating so she can turn and watch him, and she is usually pretty happy if she’s sitting with him. It’s crazy how it seems like just yesterday she was this blob that cried and ate and pooped and slept, and now she’s this little person who can play by herself for a few minutes, and who smiles all the time.

My new job as the Nursery Director at First Baptist going well, I’m starting to feel like I know the ropes. Hannah is doing so well there. She can have a terrible morning and I’ll be dreading taking her because she’s screaming, but the minute we get there she stops. She has a staff member that she loves, and it’s mutual, so Hannah is enjoying the attention. She has even started taking naps in the cribs there, which is awesome, and it’ll make it possible for us to have a bit of a schedule, and ideally I’ll know when she needs a nap rather than waiting until the crying begins and then figuring it out.

Right now she’s in her crib working on falling asleep. She was playing with lil’bla (her blanket) for a while but that was just getting her all worked up, she she’s lost her arm privileges and been swaddled, which usually works to help her fall asleep. I’d love to stop wrapping her arms up, but most the time when I don’t she either just lays there flailing, or if she’s wanting a pacifier she keeps ripping it out and then crying. I don’t want to create bad habits, like her always needing to be swaddled or have a pacifier, but when things make her so happy and she sleeps so well, it seems stupid to change it. When she’s 6 and still using a pacifier and being straight jacketed for bedtime, you all should tell me it’s time to stop. =)

Life is good in the Becker household, God is good.

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