finding our hands and laughing

Its been a busy few weeks on the development front. Hannah rolled from her belly to her back (she’s done it before when I wasn’t watching, so it was fun to actually see). She figured out she can flail and hit the toy hanging from her carseat and making it jingle. Her flailing skills get a little better every day, now she can even get some things into her mouth (after first hitting herself in the forehead and the eye). Hannah loves standing up, so we hold her around the waist, or prop her against something and she’s pretty happy.

I got a job at our church as the nursery director. It’s 20 hours a week and I get to staff and supervise the nursery, and play with babies! Hannah gets to come, and she really enjoys watching all the other kids. I think she’ll love having a place to go with different toys and lots of little friends. I’m adjusting well to being back at work, but the house definitely isn’t as clean as it was. I work Sunday, tuesday and wednedsay mornings, wednesday evenings, and every other monday morning, and some special events.

We got a new electric lawn mower so we can cut the grass, and I had fun cutting the back lawn last weekend. Adam has been trying to construct a way to keep the dogs off the lawn when they’re just going out to use the bathroom. We had some 2 foot tall plastic fencing, but the dogs were jumping it, so we got some 4 foot fencing and Chloe promptly demonstrated that she can also clear that. Luckily the weather is getting nicer, so the lawn is recovering quickly from all the running that happened during the rainy season.

This weekend we’re enjoying hanging out at my parents and spending time with my brother Ben and his wife Vicki and their daughters Madelyn and Alayna. Fun for all the girl cousins to meet, today all 4 cousins were here, but none were awake at the same time. Hopefully we can get some cousin pictures later.


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