Finding a routine

We’re starting our first full week of Adam working. Hannah and I are trying to figure out how to best spend each day. Today we took the dogs to the park and played fetch until they were worn out. Now we’re doing laundry. This afternoon we’re going to church for a class on marriage.

It’s a pretty full week, which is nice. Tomorrow I’ve got bible study in the morning and friends from Forest Grove coming in the evening. Wednesday Rachel is coming from Chicago and staying until Thursday. Then Friday we’re heading to Waldport and meeting Jacci, Katie and Rachel and my parents at the coast house.

Hannah will be 3 weeks on thursday, and our doctor said if we want to use bottles, it’s best to introduce them at 3-4 weeks while they’re still open to new things. I’m excited for Adam to get to feed her, and the beach seems like a good opportunity. That way I can leave for a few hours with the girls and Hannah can have some quality time with Adam and my parents.

Last night was a long one. She fussed from 10pm-4am. Adam was great and took her from 11:30-1 so I could have a nap. Then I rocked her in her vibrating chair, and fed her and changed her and burped her, over and over again until a little after 4 when she fell asleep. Then she woke up around 6:45 and ate and got clean pants. We went back to bed for a couple of hours which was nice. She’s been sleeping in her pouch since she ate at 10:30. Now she’s starting to rouse, must be almost eating time.

The rough nights are getting easier. I’m not worried that she’s fussing because of something I ate, and I do a lot better with her screaming if she’s in her vibrating chair and I can rock her with my foot so the screaming isn’t right by my face. She also really likes the rocking, so it works out.

She is doing a lot of smiling in her sleep which is the cutest thing ever.

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  • Wonjin

    We named our son Gabriel the Herald in the Christmas Story, the angel who told Mary that she would soon be a mother, the one who anuconned great change. Couldn’t think of a better thing to name our son, who heralded great changes in our lives! And we followed it with a nice Biblical James, after my dad. I have always loved Biblical names,and if I could’ve gotten DH to agree he might’ve ended up as Caleb James or Micah James. But Gabriel won in the end.

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