Yesterday afternoon I noticed Hannah was warm, and when I took her temperature I realized she had a fever. Fast forward 24 hours and she’s stll got the fever. It got up to 104 even with ib profen so she got to take a trip to the doc. A little bit of fun noise in her lung region during her stethoscope exam earned her a chest x-ray

inserting Hannah in baby chest x-ray device
I got to hold her while she screamed through the exam, so Adam got to help insert her in the medieval baby chest x-ray restraint device
inserting Hannah in baby chest x-ray device
She screamed so hard and so loud she broke blood vessels in her face, and I’m pretty sure traumatized everyone in the waiting room
inserting Hannah in baby chest x-ray device
There was a dark streak on the x-ray but after some consultation the doc figured out if was from a skin fold where she was pressed against the baby restraint. No pneumonia, which is good.

Now we’re just watching and waiting, and hanging out by ourselves since she’s contagious as long as she has a fever, boo. If her fever stays up then we’ll go back tomorrow to see if she has a UTI or maybe an ear infection (her ears were fluid free, but they were pink which could have been from the screaming).

For now we enjoy the quiet moments that happen when Hannah is sick. She slept on Adams shoulder for 45 minutes this morning, and sat on my lap for 5 minutes! The doctor used some fun phrases to describe her such as, “spunk” and, “she’s got a lot of fight in her.” both so very true of our busy busy girl.


  • kate

    The doc said her ears were pink, but could very well be from the screaming. Could also be the beginning of an ear infection, but she didn’t have a cold. If she still has a hug fever tomorrow we go back in for recheck.

  • Annette

    I’ll have to keep an eye on Henry since they spent so much time together. It’s weird how she seemed totally fine on Sunday. Poor kiddo.

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