Father’s Day

For Father’s Day I got Adam (and Hannah) some tiny sports equipment, so he can start teaching her all his athletics skills now. A little baseball glove, soccer ball and teeny golf set. She doesn’t have any money to buy him anything, so she pooped in the tub during bath, and then peed on the carpet in her room after bath. Oh, toddler love. We went to the beach to celebrate with my family, and Adam and Hannah had a blast playing on the beach.

Hannah and I have been enjoying a slower pace these last few weeks since we’re in a break between bible studies, so I’m working less at the nursery. We’re excited for the studies to start back up again next week and to get to see our nursery friends more.

Hannah’s eczema hasn’t flared up in a while, so we’ve gone back to use cloth diapers at home. Nice to save a few dollars on diapers, plus they give her have a hillariously giant booty.
double scraped knees, our new norm
She loves to run around, and falls a fair amount, so her knees are perpetually scraped or bruised. She doesn’t seem to mind for more than a minute after she falls, and she’s thrilled to point out her “owie” to anyone who will sympathize.

This week she’s been saying “stuck” a fair amount, and she is frequently stuck, so there are lots of opportunities to practice. Today she was busy in the kitchen while I was vacuuming and I found her eating a pear she had stolen from the fruit bowl on the table. The funny thing is that I had sliced a pear for her not 15 minutes before for snack, apparently she wanted more and she didn’t want it sliced.

Adam and I are keeping kleenex in business with our allergies, and I am still mad at all meth makers for their role in making sudafed prescription only. Other than that, it’s the usual toddler and fur children chaos at the Becker house.

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