fantastic husband

Adam is out running his first ever solo pregnancy errand. He’s getting my a heating pad for my lower back pain. Apparently carrying Hannah and her house on my front is causing Sciatica, and it’ll go away when she stops living on my front. I’m grateful I’m done with work after Friday since I’ve got a pretty good limp going now and would like to be able to lay down and take a break when needed.

We just got home from our last child birthing/raising education class, so everything else we need to learn Hannah is going to have to teach us. =)

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  • Aunt Annette

    Aside from the vag pain, it’s pretty nice when all of those discomforts pretty much go away right away! If my boobs didn’t hurt so bad, I’d probably be sleeping on my stomach… lol

    I bet Hannah will be born on her due-date or earlier, just to show-off in front of Henry. 😉

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