I got a job, wahoo! Starting Tuesday Sept. 1st I will be the Client Transition Coordinator at the Looking Glass Center Point School. It’s a little more hourly than I was making at pathways, and same benefits. Luckily I can do cobra for this month and September, then come Oct. 1st I’ll be back on looking glass benefits and only have to pay like $30 a month. Its great because even doing cobra my benefits never changed, so I don’t have to re-do my co-pays for the OB or anything. Too bad I lost the vacation days I’d accrued.

I’m currently puppy sitting at my parents, and Dash and Chloe are “helping”. I think they are all going to be nice and worn out by the end of the day which is great, and I’m sure that putting up with a puppy nibbling on them is good practice for the baby and all the nibbling and poking I’m sure she will do.

I’m off to enjoy my last week of “vacation”. =)


  • Annette

    Good job Kate! Who knew saying “Fuck” in a job interview would be your key to success?!?! AWESOME!!!!!

  • kate

    indeed, hahaha. Mom pointed out that maybe my apathy towards actually getting a job allowed me to relax enough in interviews to show my true colors. =)

  • kate

    Plus Obama implemented a cool thing in January where they pay 65% of cobra costs for people who qualify, and I do, so I only have to pay $175-ish for next month, which is really good for private insurance without employer support. Yay Obama!

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