Elimination Diet Prep

IMG_9733I’m about 4 weeks into the preparations for our elimination diet. The main goal is to see if Sam’s eczema, asthma, or behaviors improves any by removing 3 common food sensitivities. Dairy, gluten and food dye. The girls also have ezcema and asthma, so including them just seemed smart. I’m a joiner. Adam would be at home, but could go rogue at work. He mentioned using the itrackbites (WW for the cheap) app to start tracking points again, and I challenged him to not cheat at work and see if he looses weight without counting points. So we’re all in it to win it!!

K is my Gandolf guiding us through all this. I think God has big plans for her to be the person that the allergist and pediatrician point families towards when they are stumped just like I was. We’re her willing guinea pigs and she’s our knowledgeable leader.

I started by journaling everything Sam ate for 2 weeks. This was humbling. Holy moses I feed that kid a lot of junk. Who knew a nutrigrain bar had 20+ ingredients? gross. K went through the journals with me and helped me identify foods we needed to find gluten free swaps for (bacon, crackers), switching to almond milk/yogurt, removing cheese, and dropping the junk (cereal, hot dogs). We’ve ventured to Costco and Market of Choice to start finding swaps.

2 weeks ago I stopped buying foods that have dairy, gluten or food dye and only stocking up on simpler foods. We’ve been diligently trying to eat our way through our pantry. I’ve taken a couple boxes of food to friends and thrown out an embarrassing amount of junk food and expired foods.

Monday the 30th is start day. I’ve got meal plans for the whole first week and two shopping lists. One for Costco, and now a second for Market of Choice since Costco doesn’t have a few of the specialty items I need, or specific produce.

The biggest challenge I’m thinking on right now is figuring out where they might be provided a snack and having an alternate, that is equally yummy, available to them. I took chocolate almond milk and GF marshmallows to my parents tonight so the kids can still have cocoa at Nana and Poppy’s house.

I’ve still got one shelf worth of food in the pantry that’ll get tossed or re-homed tomorrow and a few rogue items still left in the fridge and deep freeze. I’ll move one box of stuff that I just can’t bear to toss, but I’m guessing that when I open it again in a month or so I won’t want it anyway.

K and I baked a week ago so I’m set with granola bars, pumpkin bars, muffin tops and protein balls to try and sub out for the packaged food they’ve been eating. They are still a bit wary of the flavor and texture difference, and the lack of shiny packaging, but I’m hoping they’ll adjust quickly.

Thankfully they are huge smoothie fans and don’t care when I put greens in the smoothies. Baby steps. =)

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