doggy drama

Chloe decided my life was too boring on Friday, so she smacked her face into the truck tailgate getting into the truck. She ended up needing to get a short acting anesthetic so they could stitch her back up. She was a little woozy when she came back from the vet a few hours later, but she’s back to normal now. We’ll go back in a couple weeks to get the stitches out. The best part is that we were able to get her into the vet that Tucker my childhood dog went to, he isn’t taking new clients, cause he’s so cheap and good. It wasn’t even $100 for her little surgery, and getting all her shots and her nails dremmeled. I’m pretty happy she got good care and we didn’t have to pay a billion dollars for it.

Other than that drama things have been low key at the Becker house. We went garage saling and to the scandanavian festival yesterday. We got a whole bag of  baby socks for $2 and some 25 cent onsies. Still nothing to match my find of a high chair for $2.50 on Friday, I’m really starting to enjoy bargain hunting. Adam and I went to a special “brand name” baby sale that was supposed to have tons of cheap stuff, but it wasn’t cheap at all, I mean, maybe it was cheap for the fact that it was gap, but seriously, what baby is disgruntled because it’s having to wear off brand onsies? I can picture the kid in therapy years later, “well it all started when my parents dressed me in hand-me downs instead of buying me new baby clothes,” haha. Adam pointed out that if he knew there was a 50% chance he’d vomit on his shirt, he’d be less likely to spend very much on it. I clarified that it was more like a 90% chance of vomit. delightful.

Today we’re going to see the local minor league baseball team with my parents and Max and Annette. I keep telling Adam how excited I am, but then I had to fess up that I was mainly excited for all the food. =)

Wednesday will be the halfway point for the pregnancy, which is pretty exciting. Tuesday is the house inspection, and if that goes well we’ll have an appraisal and if the house appraises for what we offered, we’ll actually be set to buy the house. Exciting week.


  • Annette

    Poor Chloe! That’s sad.

    Thanks for the outfits. I am starting a collection of adorable things that I can ooh and aaah over until the baby gets here. 🙂

    A highchair for $2.50?!?! I thought my changing table for $10 was a steal! We should go garage-saling together soon.

  • vicki

    I have a bag full of baby clothes for Annette and you. It really stunk that I was the first to have babies! Everyone else gets to benefit from me!

  • Leah

    Baby socks? For reals? That’s like buying Nikes for a baby…they can’t walk. Just use an adult-sized sock, and make your baby a mermaid.

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