dog park

Yesterday we took Hannah to the dog park with the dogs and met up with some friends and their dog. It was nice to see the dogs having so much fun, they loved laying in the mud. Then we went to dinner at Red Robin with our friends. Hannah slept the whole time we were there which was impressive since she was sleeping through meal time. She’s such a good baby.

Saturday night we put her to bed in her crib for the first time. She did great, an despite feeling like she was far away, I managed to fall asleep and stay asleep till she woke up to eat. Then after she ate I put her in the bassinet next to our bed, where she normally sleeps. She had been eating at 8 or 9 and then going to bed after that and sleeping till 2:30ish, but now with the time change it’s more like 1:30.

When she was in the bassinet right next to our bed I could just lean over and rock her or give her back her pacifier if she woke up before her usual eating time, but now I have to get up and walk to her room, which takes a lot more energy. Last night she woke up twice before eating time and I went in and soothed her, at 1am I stopped attempting to get her to go back to sleep and fed her. Then I tried to put her back to bed in her crib, but after an hour of getting up every few minutes to sooth her, I gave up and put her in her bassinet and she fell asleep within a few minutes.

When she wakes up for her 5am feeding I usually just let her stay in our bed, because then she’ll sleep a little longer. If I try and put her in her bassinet she won’t sleep, she thinks it’s morning and time to get up and play. Funny since her definition of playing just required that she be upright. We can lay down with our knees bent up and put her with her bottom on our stomach and her back against our legs, and she’s just happily sit there smiling and giggling. she loves the morning, not sure where she got that.

Right now she’s laying on a little play mat looking up at the toys and smiling. There is a little mirror and it looks like she is looking at herself, I wonder what she thinks she is seeing. “Who’s that cute baby?”

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