Day 5

I know it takes me at least 30 days to change a habit. When I decided to really commit to reading the bible every single day, it took over a month for me to remember to do it each morning, and even months later there would be a day that it would slip my mind. Apparently I’m hard to train. This is evident now more than ever as I find my car trying to pull into dutch bros or mcdonalds. I’m very hopeful that as the weeks pass these habits will fade. I’d also love if Sam stop yelling about wanting these things, but I can’t blame the kids since I started the habits. =)

IMG_9756Hannah picked dinner on Tuesday night: Meatballs, popcorn and salads. She’s actually starting to eat salad which is really cool. Sam cried for a while because we refused to give him more popcorn unless he tried something from his salad.







The kids are HUGE fans of these reuseable squeeze tubes from Ikea. I just fill them up with leftover smoothie when I make a bath. Hannah has been taking them to school for snack and say’s they defrost enough to be slushy by snack time. They made a good alternative when Sam’s class was having gogurts for snack.


I’ve been packing my own lunch salad when I pack Adam’s the night before, which is helping me may way better lunch choices. Typically I’ll get home from work or preschool pick-up with two hungry and tired kiddos and get them fed as fast as possible and then forget to eat lunch myself. Then I’d snack on junk during nap. Having lunch already in the fridge has felt like a special surprise. “Oh Last Night Me, you made me lunch? How sweet!!”




I packed lunch and snacks and took it with me to jury duty Thursday since I didn’t know how long I’d have to be there and knew I couldn’t depend on vending machines to have healthy foods in them. I got excused to go home at 10:30, and the kids promptly inhaled my packed lunch. Tiny little thieves. Good thing they’re so cute.





Random detour:

I’ve been rewatching West Wing and was struck by this moment where Leo explains Alcoholism. I think it’s so true, and clear. It made me think about those moments where I have a hard time saying no to poor food choices, and how they might give me just the slightest peek into what it is like to struggle with addiction. It’s hard to say no to things we want. It is SO hard, and some people have a disease which makes it 1,00 times harder. It’s a good reminder to be kind and gentle with people. When stuff is rough in my life, my mom asks what God is teaching me, and who He is increasing my compassion for. Sure enough, after every rough patch, I have a new spot of compassion and understanding in my heart.

Random detour over. =)


My family is convinced that this is the best lunch meat they have EVER had. I didn’t realize lunch meat was something you could be passionate about, but they are, hahaha. Luckily it’s available at Costco and not a million dollars.




IMG_9774 This is Hannah’s packed lunch, and snack (her smoothie tube stays in the freezer until the morning of).

Sam’s packed breakfast for preschool (his snack bag at school stays in is cubby and I note what he eats and send replacements)

Adams lunch and snacks and my salads.

I throw together lunch for the little 2 at home since we eat here.

We’re plugging along. Food is still more a part of my days and thoughts than I would prefer, but I think the time I spend planning meals and snacks will decrease as I get used to better routines. I think the increase of time in the kitchen will always be there, but that’s just part of actually preparing food for my family.

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