Day 2

We survived day 1!!

We had been sending Sam to preschool with a lunchbox full of packaged breakfast foods and having Hannah eat breakfast at school, partly for convenience, and partly because she stopped crying every morning at drop-off when she was distracted by breakfast. So the biggest change daily will be waking up in time to eat breakfast at home. We had bacon, eggs and smoothies (almond milk, banana, kale, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, macro greens, honey and a threw a culturelle in there too since Sam is on antibiotics right now for an ear infection). Adam reported that the kid were fussy at drop off since they wanted their usual routine involving breakfast at school.

IMG_9740Adam helped me pack lunches Sunday night. Salads: spinach, carrots, salami, turkey, celery, cucumber, hard boiled egg for him and I, and Hannah had an apple, baby carrots, summer sausage and salami, a juice box and food should taste good crackers, with a pumpkin bar and chex rice cereal for snack. The littles had similar lunches at home, though Maggie prefers the Banana Muffin tops.



IMG_9735I sent a whole bag of snack choices to preschool with Sam so his teacher could pick the snack that most resembled his classmates. They don’t make their snack schedule until monday, so I can’t plan in advance for it. His teacher shared that he was a little bummed he didn’t get to have milk with his cereal, but pretty excited about his juice box. We don’t have them often so they’re still really novel. Hopefully the novelty doesn’t wear off too fast. Hannah had been getting milk from the cafeteria at school, so she’s also swapping for a juice box now.

I’ve made a meal plan for the week. First time I’ve done a full 7 days and thought about breakfast and lunch as well. If I was really on my game I might plan for 5 meals and we’d eat out once or twice. Not eating out at all is going to be a big change for our family. We don’t go anywhere fancy, but the ability to grab fast food is a convince we take advantage of frequently.

IMG_9746Last night I made dinner in the Instant Pot, it’s a really cool pressure cooker my mom got and let’s me use. Risotto bolognese. The adults liked it. The kids, as usual, did not eat their dinners. 🙂


Adam had to turn down desserts that someone had brought to the office to share (we ventured to Market of choice during our date night to find some chocolate that was approved) and I stayed far away from the dessert bar at the Trinity House craft party that I went to with friends. Despite a few cravings, the day seemed to go fairly smoothly.

Day 2 has been easier so far since only Hannah went to school today, and her lunches aren’t changing that much. She’s never been a meat and cheese sandwich girl and she can’t have peanut butter at school, so the random bags of meat and crackers were already the norm. The string cheese is missing now, but she hasn’t complained yet.


We had granola with almond milk for breakfast. My mom makes granola at her house with the kids, and was kind enough to adapt the recipe to work for us.

I got the pantry totally cleared out of off limits food, so I figured the kids could have free rein of what they ate. Then after the 2nd fruit snack package I cut Maggie off and she was a very sad panda. She could not be persuaded with any real fruit, girlfriend wanted packaged chewies, haha. Might need to consider either hiding those or rehoming them.




IMG_9751Lunch today was leftovers for Adam (I also packed him an apple, crackers, baby carrots, celery and salami/lunch meat for him to snack on) and me and meat, carrots, grapes, sweet potato crackers, cucumbers and dried mango for the kids.





IMG_9752I offered chocolate balls to the kid after lunch but both were disgusted by them, haha.









I’m trying tea drinking to replace my typical junk food binge during nap. It’s not cookies that is for sure.

I realized that food treats are often what I use to motivate myself. I’d make myself a deal along the lines of: Get the whole house swept and mopped and then you can go get dutch bros. I missed that motivator today when the house needed cleaning.


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