Day 12

We survived week 1 and are powering through week 2. Adam and I celebrated the end of week 1 by getting mcdonalds french fries after the kids went to bed. They were not a fresh batch and a huge let down, which was good actually, since now neither of us are craving them again.

This was week 1:IMG_9788
Tuesday: meatballs, popcorn, salad
wed: Picnic dinner to kidlife: rotisserie chicken (costco), grapes, crackers, carrots. Snack bags for kids for kidlife classes: Rice rollers, raisins, puffin cereal
Thursday: Chicken soup and tortilla chips 
Friday: (Not a big hit, and SOOO much prep time) and pork sausagesIMG_9794

Saturday: hot lunch: pancakes, hashbrowns, bacon,grapes. (Harlow Auction: Kids with Nana & Poppy) gluten free nuggets & fries
Sunday: pulled pork

We didn’t want to be jerks at the auction so we took some green salad, green beans and beef. I ended up with a stomach ache later, and I’m skeptical that my body could have adjusted to being gluten free in 5 days, but who knows.

IMG_9789On Saturdays we typically bum around town finding fun things for the kids to do. I packed a whole bunch of food and snacks so I’d be ready in case one of the events had snacks and I needed to provide subs, or in case we wanted to eat lunch without going home. I was delighted that the snack option at the Seedlings Kids Club at Johnson’s Nursery was great for the kids. They had peanuts and juice.


Week 2 took longer to menu plan for some reason, IMG_9828maybe I was just feeling stuck, but after a couple hours on the internet I got a plan. I just find 7 meals and then move them around during the week depending on my mood.

Week 2 meals:
Monday: (Adam is still carrying on about how good this was. I also made rice to go with it. The thing I’ll do differently next time is put foil in the pan because it took FORVEVER to get all the baked on teriyaki sauce off)
Tuesday: (I thought this was amazing, but I’m a sucker for thai food. Adam liked it. The kids wouldn’t touch it, but thats the same story every night, haha)
IMG_9833wednesday: meatballs and green salad (easy dinner at home before kidlife) Took alternative snack bags with them to their classes.
Thursday: & cornbread (bobs red mill gf). The cornbread was a hit, especially with the kids, but that might be partly because they haven’t had bread in 11 days, hahaha. I’m going to buy some GF bread at Costco this afternoon, so they can have sandwiches or morning toast.IMG_9808

We’ve accomplished a new first in the Becker house, finishing an entire box of spinach before it went bad. I can’t find the badge for this accomplishment, hahaha.

Adam and I went to Sweet Life for our date night on Monday. They have a number of Gluten free and dairy free options. I picked a peanut butter cup and a chocolate brownies and didn’t love either. The brownie almost has a liqueur aftertaste to the chocolate. I ended up with a stomach ache later even though I didn’t eat much of my treats. It’s funny how both the fries and the desserts were a disappointment. Helps me to move on instead of obsessing over foods I am missing.

IMG_9811I was able to find food dye free candy canes, which I need to figure out how to safely transport around in my bag without breaking them, so I have them on hand when the kids get one and I need to trade them. This all requires a fair amount of forethought, and work, but I’m hoping as time goes by it’ll become routine.


A facebook friend IMG_9786shared this recipe with me and I made them and really like them. Thumbprint cookies. I’m super picky about my sweets and baked goods, so must gluten free stuff has a gross texture to me, or tastes like cardboard. These do not. Plus, aren’t they cute?!

I’m still battling pretty low energy. I’m sure my late nights aren’t helping. It’s hard to tell if I’m tired because my diet is changing, or if I’m tired because I have 3 kids, haha.

I can’t decide if I’m seeing any changes in the kids yet. Sam is still frequently asking for fast food places we’ve been before, or for eggos or nutrigrain bars. I made some granola balls and peanut butter bars this week that they liked so those have been a nice sub. Hopefully he’ll turn a corner soon and not be missing fast food or packaged foods.

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