I wanted to get a video of Hannah’s new cruising skill, so I set up a collection of things she could move along, and then of course she chose to go the other direction, but you still get to see her mad skill. =)

I can’t decide what I like better, the “proud mommy” look I give Adam when she starts cruising, or the fact that we’re listening to low rider.

I’d like to make a video of Adam sitting here building a lego star wars “Y-wing fighter” and embracing his inner 12 year old, but he says he won’t put on pants, hahahaha. =)


  • Lorna

    oh my goodness watching all these videos you have up here makes me wanna cry i miss that little girl so much. sniff sniff. can’t believe she is almost walking=)

  • Katie

    Wow….way to go Hannah!!!! I cannot believe she is already standing and “walking”. Time goes SO fast!

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