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We have 3 bedrooms in our little house. One is the “master” it has a little 1/2 bath off of it, and it’s big enough for Adam and I’s bed, and 2 dog beds (yup, the dogs sleep in the room with us, and half the time they sleep in the bed). Next to our room is the nursery, we painted it bright orange for Hannah. Then there is the little green room; it was a guest room, then an office, and then it was the sleeping porch for Hannah. Last summer we got some new neighbors to our north and the guy smokes. Our house doesn’t have air conditioning, so we rely on opening our windows when it gets hot. Every time we opened the window in Hannah’s room it would shortly begin to smell like cigarettes, probably not the best for a baby, or us. So we moved her crib into the green room, the only bedroom with a window that didn’t open towards the smoking neighbors. We’d hang out and play in the nursery, but she slept in the green room.

At our last doctors appointment the doc pointed out that at her current activity level Hannah would probably be the kid who climbs out of her crib, and that might happen in the near future. we realized that her climbing out of the crib in the green room wouldn’t be so great since it’s the only room that’s not baby proofed. It has all our bookshelves (which aren’t strapped to the wall) and other general junk. So I moved her crib back into the nursery. We’re not sure what were going to do one it gets hot, but we’ll clear that hurdle when we reach it.

but not yet, because I
You can see the light switch to the right in this picture, Hannah has learned how to flip it one and off, so if she’s protesting sleep she plays with that. While I was putting her crib back together I made it a daybed for a minute to see what it looked like, Hannah really enjoyed climbing in and out. The doc recommended that when she does climb out we just move her mattress to the floor, so we’ll probably do that.

Hannah is really enjoying working on her climbing skills, at least daily she accomplishes some feat that raises my blood pressure. Yesterday was demonstrating her ability to scale the dining room chairs

Just after I took the picture she managed to get her knee up on the actual seat of the chair, and then fell backwards, luckily she didn’t hit her head.

We’re waiting to see if we get any snow here, maybe we can see if Hannah hates it less when she’s wearing gloves, though the last time it snowed did make for some pretty funny pictures:
get it off me!!!!!!!!!

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