closing early

We might be signing papers for the house next week and closing next Sunday! Horay! It’d be awesome if we get to, because they we’ll have more time to paint and replace the flooring before we need to move out of our rental.

I’m not sure when we’re actually going to move. We’ll need to rent a uhaul since we have some bigger stuff, and we only unpacked what we needed so we have a garage full of boxes to move. I can just take loads of stuff over instead of having to pack all the electronics and that’ll be nice.

Exciting week for us. Monday, my last day as an unemployed person, I have my 22 week ob appointment. Then Tuesday my first day at my new job. Then at some point we’ll sign papers for the house.

Yesterday the dogs both went to the vet. Chloe got her stitches out, and we bought her some new light dog food. Dash got his yearly exam, some antibiotics for some intestinal issues he’s got (he’s got some doggie version of IBS, ever since he was a puppy he’s been extra pooy). He also got some extra high fiber food to help sweep stuff out. I got some training tips for issues I’ve been having with them.

Yoshi has been scratching up furniture since we got her, adam made her a cat house with lots of rope and carpet to scratch on, but she still scratched furniture. We bought her the special cardboard scratcher, and the mouse shaped scratcher, still, the furniture was suffering. Then we found these fancy plastic caps that cover their nails that are supposed to retrain her, nope, she just screams when I put them on her and as soon as she can get them off, back to the furniture. I have always thought De-clawing was inhumane since then cats can’t defend themselves, so I hadn’t considered it. So I asked the vet what he’d so to train her and he said he’d declaw her. He doesn’t think it’s inhumane. Adam says cats use their back claws to defend themselves anyway. Since she’s not a kitten she’d have to stay at the vet an extra day and get more pain meds. They’d keep her for 4 days, I guess they keep them doped up for the healing so they aren’t uncomfortable. So we’re seriously thinking about doing it.


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