Hannah had a fantastic first Christmas. While it may not be ideal to have your birthday right after Christmas, it is fun to be so close to one for your first Christmas, cause they you’re actually lucid and mobile. Hannah enjoyed helping us tear paper off presents, though usually she would tear a piece off and walk away with it and we’d have to call her back to see the actual present. She will be a well versed present opener for her birthday, haha.

Best Christmas EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah got some fun new toys and she loves all of them. She loves to play, and she’s so busy, so she gets the chance to play with most all of her toys each day. This week she’s really into taking things out and putting them back in, so she’s been busily unpacking and repacking the animal in her ark:

Playing ark

and she got a fishing game, but she doesn’t fish, instead she takes the little fish and sticks them in a water bottle (maybe she thinks they need water?).

Playing ark

Hannah is learning “hug” which is super cute:

Hannah giving her new Christmas mouse a hug. Thanks Pamela and Travis!

She mastered hugging stuffed animals before hugging people, but she is warming up to people hugs. The funny thing is half the time you crouch down and put your arms out and say hug she’ll turn and walk away.

Hannah is working on the transition to cows milk and doing well. She loves eating people food, and aside from occasionally choking a little, she does really well. We’re excited for her 1 year dr. appointment on Monday when we should get the go ahead to give her eggs and nuts, then she’ll be able to eat anything that isn’t a choking hazard.

I can’t believe she’ll be 1 on Friday. There were some nights when it felt like babyhood would never end, but now it feels like it flew by.

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