The furnace is dead.

we knew it was on it’s last leg when we bought the house, but we were hoping it would hold out a little longer. I had a sense it might not work so I asked Adam to try turning it on before it got really cold and we really needed it, and sure enough, it’s broken. Now we’re trying to figure out the most responsible way to replace it. We can get the very cheapest one, the one that is slightly more expensive, but better reviews and reliability, or the one that costs more, but is energy efficient, will save us money each month and give us a tax credit, but we’d have to front more money right now. In the interest of good investments and resale value for the house (in Eugene, the city where Green matters) we’ll probably go for the energy efficient model. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get the new one, since it’s currently 63 in the house, which is a little too cold, especially for a baby!

After this I am declaring an appliance death moratorium! We have now fixed everything that the inspectors told us needed help (water heater, chimney, toilets, furnace) and even things we didn’t know were dying (replaced the stove, and trying to find a freezer on craigslist, though that may have to wait now that we’re replacing the furnace. Hey maybe the cold house will negate the need for a freezer!).

Things are rolling along in the Becker house. We had a great time on our little vacation to the beach. The fall crunch is starting to slow down at work for me. Hannah seems to have another baby cold, so we’re praying her immune system will kick into high gear soon and her constant exposure to germs at the nursery won’t mean she’s constantly sick. She is getting dedicated at church during the 11:30am service this Sunday, so we’d love to see anyone who can come to support us in this! =)

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