Busy bees!

Sam had his second PT appointment and it went great. He is holding his head more at mid line, instead of rotating and tilting as much. The little red lines on his neck from lack of circulation due to lack of movement are decreasing. His fontanelle (soft spot) is still nice and big which means he has plenty of growth left and ideally once he starts to sit on his own his head will reshape itself. A helmet may still be needed to shift his ears back so they’re even. The nice thing is that we can wait until it’s not so hot to do the helmet, since apparently they sweat in the helmet and make the foam inside stink, so it’s better when it’s cooler.

We went to Narnia (my parents beach house) with Nana and Poppy and enjoyed some very rare sunshine at the Oregon beach. We went to the aquarium, took the dogs to the beach, flew kites, played in the sand, and enjoyed sitting and watching the Olympics. It was a nice quick retreat, especially nice since Sam is such a good sleeper so we could all sleep in the same room and actually get a reasonable amount of sleep.

After being home from the beach for one night we headed up the McKenzie for Hannah’s first camping trip. We shared a group site with three other couples from our Life Group who also have little kids. We’d be talking for the last week with Hannah about how she had to fall asleep in the tent with no crying because she’d wake everyone up, and she did great! We went on a hike and Adam had a blast holding a toddler version out outdoor school, teaching her about moss, finding walking sticks, and throwing rocks in the river. We only stayed one night since I had work on Sunday morning, but I think that was the perfect amount for our first trip. Funny how we NEVER would have gone camping with Hannah when she was 4 months old, the screaming would have gotten us thrown out of camp. I think Sam slept best out of all the tiny people, haha.

Hannah had woken me up for a few nights in a row crying because she couldn’t find her paci in her bed, so I decided it was time to be done with pacifiers. We’d looked around in Build A Bear a few days earlier so I asked her if she’d like to give her pacis to the Paci Fairy and get a BAB. She said yes. We talked about it a few times, and then that day I told her before nap that it’d be her lap nap with them, and afterwards we’d go to BAB. She came out from nap with her pacis, ready to go. We put them in a bag, wrote a note to the fairy and added glitter and sequins to the bag. She picked out a cat at BAB and the kind lady working the stuffing machine agreed to make sure the Paci Fairy got the bag and gave the pacifiers to the new babies. She went to sleep easier that night than she had in a while. She’s asked for a paci a few times since then, but we remind her that the new babies have them and she moves on.

Then We had Sam’s 4 month well check. He’s doing great, and has almost doubled his birth weight. The pediatrician was interested in what our PT was having us do to help with his head. She felt around in his mouth and couldn’t feel any teeth coming yet. Sam was a champ for his shots, didn’t cry for long, and slept extra in the 24 hours following. Hannah enjoyed telling the doctor about alligators and getting Sam’s sticker after the visit.

Hannah had a fever for a couple days, but that just meant she’d actually sit and cuddle with us. She went with Adam to his Dentist appointment and apparently did a great job just sitting and watching. He said she sang baby beluga, Jesus loves me, and single ladies for everyone’s enjoyment, haha. He just kept saying, “they loved her!” It’s fun now that she’ll actually speak when we’re out of the house. She has a great vocabulary, and is fairly easy to understand, which makes it all the more entertaining that she still can’t quite distinguish between reality and make believe. She will in all seriousness tell you a story about the dinosaurs who swam with her.

We cleaned out our garage and have been selling things on craigslist. I’m hoping to sell enough baby stuff to be able to buy a used double jogger so I can work on getting back into shape. I’m also hoping Hannah and Sam will entertain each other in the stroller, so the jogging could involve less screaming than when H was little, though that did make me run faster!


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