broken beckers

Adam now has the cold, poor guy. Hannah is still coughing a fair amount, but she hasn’t been wheezing much today so that’s good. I twisted my leg funny Sunday at work, then tuesday during kickball I didn’t stretch (silly kate) and managed to twist it again. It’s been hurting pretty bad so I went to the doc today and he said I partially tore my right quadricep, ew. I’ve now got this fancy brace that forces me to keep my leg straight, I have to wear it for at least a week, and no running for a month. The doctor knew how to get me to actually follow the instructions, he said if I didn’t it might tear the rest of the way and have to be repaired. No more kickball for me, boo. I’m glad it was me, not Adam, since he loves kickball so much and scores lots of points for our team. =)

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