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So my last day isn’t till Monday, so that means I have to work another full week. Funny because when the clients know they are graduating they stop doing their chores and being nice and we call it “short-timers” so I definitely have a case of that. Though one good thing is that they print the progress notes for us to sign every wednesday, and since I won’t be there next wednesday, I can’t do any of these notes, horay!!

So we’re at week 17, with the baby being 5 inches and 5 ounces. Once website says onion sized and one says turnip (not that I can say I’ve actually ever seen a turnip). I am beyond excited for our ultrasound next week, especially since I haven’t felt the baby yet, so I want to know it is indeed still in there. I still don’t want to know the gender but Adam is wavering a bit. He hasn’t decided yet, but had promised that if he does find out he won’t tell me or anyone else.

So now I’m counting down till Monday at 11pm when I’m officially jobless and free. Unless I get a call and interview for one of the 5 jobs I applied for yesterday.


  • Annette

    Just my personal opinion: If one of you finds out, both of you should. It’d be way too weird for one person to know and not the other. I think it’d be hard to keep referring to “it” as an “it” when you already know.

    Personally, I wish you guys would find out. I think it’s fun knowing now, and it’d be fun to know what you’re having too. I think that you’ll have enough to be excited about on the birth day that it’s not like finding out would take anything away from that. It’s more like spreading the excitement out to multiple occasions than having it all be on one day.

    But I fully support your decision to find out or not find out, so I won’t bug you anymore about it. But I’d be really happy if you guys did find out. 🙂

  • kate

    Adam totally wouldn’t keep referring to it as it, he’d “pretend” to slip up constantly, saying he or she and they saying, “oops” so often that even if he did slip up I wouldn’t know. He’d use it as 5 months to tease, which could be funny, or irritating, depending on the hormone level. =)

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