Blood Picasso

Dash was kind enough to spice up our morning by somehow scraping the end of his tail (how this hasn’t happened before now with the amount of beating that tail gets each day is beyond me), then he painted our walls with dog tail blood. Ew. Took me a while to figure out what it was, and then a while to figure out where it was coming from. By then his tail wasn’t really bleeding anymore. We soaked the tip in some hot water to clean his fur, he loved the attention and I don’t think he had any idea he had a scrape. So the walls got a wipe down. They still got to go to day care, I’ve been enjoying checking in on them ever once in a while via webcam, Chloe appears to have a new little australian shepherd friend, very cute.

We had a doctors visit Monday and everything is looking good. The bump is measuring a teeny bit on the small side, so we’re hoping I don’t have to push out a 9 pounder. My blood pressure is nice and low. Hannah’s heartbeat was 140 which is good. We learned that at the 36 week appointment we’ll go over the birth plan. I asked about going past my due date and the doc said she generally doesn’t like people to go more than a week past due, so that’s good, since I hear being overdue is uncomfortable.

Adam decided to drive back from the coast last night, so he rolled in around 1am. David kept me company while I sewed since his training doesn’t start till Thursday and he’d come down expecting it to start today. He even helped me take apart and put back together the sewing machine when it got jammed. I finished recovering the bottom cushion for the chair and it looks pretty good, it even has a working zipper so I can remove the cover when Hannah yaks on it. Next up is covering the back cushion. Then I want to staple the extra on the footstool Lorna found me at st. vincent de paul, but I think I should paint it before I recover it, so I don’t accidentally get paint on the new fabric. Maybe this weekend I’ll have time to sand, prime and paint the chair and rocker. Funny how I’ve definitely invested way more time and energy into this old chair and fixing it up than it would have cost to just get a new one, but it’ll be very fun to say I made it. I even have some extra fabric so I’m thinking about padding the arms and covering them with fabric and adding little pockets to put a book, or pacifier in.

Back to work.

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