bargain hunting

A few favorites from the week:

When I was grossed out by hannah drinking her bath water I asked Adam, “Babe could you please bring us some milk” and Hannah kept repeating,  “Babe! Milk!” it made us giggle.

There is a big and little toilet in the nursery bathroom, and many of the kids are recently potty trained, so they use the toilet with the door open and a staff standing nearby, while all the pre-potty kids stand around watching. Hannah was so excited by all this tiny toilet fun she asked to use the potty, and wanting to humor her I took off her diaper and out her on it. And SHE PEED!!!! I don’t think she had any idea what she’d done, but she was definitly delighted by my cheering, and finally getting to pull some tp off the roll, and use the step stool to wash her hands like the big kids.

I volunteered at a consignment sale that happens twice a year here. Since I volunteered I got to shop early and snagged some amazing bargains.

Elmo costume (hambone not included) $2
Coat $5 (retail $34.95) Overalls $5 (retail $30+) Bathrobe $3, hat & gloves $1
pink boots $3, white boots $5 (retail $20+), converse $2, red sparkle shoes $2, potty Elmo $2.50, Eggs $5, Piano $8 (retail $30+), baseball game $2 (retail $20), doodle pad $1 (retail $18), tools $2 (retail $12), books $2 (retail $12)
itty bitty sale toys

swing $9 (retail $24)

Though the best part of the swing is still Adam climbing up into our giant tree to hang it and tying rope like the Boyscout (sorry, Eagle Scout!) he is. =)

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  • Annette

    Henry actually likes to pee in the potty on his own terms. It’s pretty funny. Sometimes he’ll take off his own diaper and just go, but if I ask him, he refuses. Silly boy.

    We have that same baseball toy. Henry likes to use the bat to whack anything and everything. lol

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