baby food

It seems like Hannah gets a little more mobile every day! She’s rolling around a lot, and likes to roll onto her back and scoot backwards, though I’m sure that’s not helping the bald spot, haha. She’s making her way through the world of pureed fruits and veggies and tolerated everything except avocados and apples. We’re supposed to be working up to 2 meals a day, but for now it keeps us busy enough just doing one. Adam has softball with his company team on Monday nights, and I work wednesday nights so our weeks are pretty full. We’ve also been enjoying weddings and catching up with friends on the weekends. Though this weekend we’re looking forward to not having any thing on the calendar.

Right now Hannah is supposed to be going to sleep, but instead she keeps flipping over on her stomach and spinning around to look out of her crib. She’s also just mastered changing the music on her “scout” toy from “bedtime” to “playtime”, clever girl.

She’s still just rocking the 2 front teeth she got a month ago, but enjoying chewing on the world. It’s especially funny now because she makes tiny little teeth marks on the things she chews on.

She got a haircut, I should just say a trim because we just cut a tiny bit of her bangs so they weren’t falling in her eyes. Thankfully my mom was willing to do the trimming while Adam held her still for a couple of seconds. It makes her looks like she has way more hair now that I don’t have to sweep it off to the side to keep it out of her eyes.

Hannah loves standing, especially at her baby play table that makes lots of noise when she bangs on it. Adam, being the clever parent, figured out that there is much less fussing during lotion time ( a twice daily routine to try and help with the baby exzema) if she gets to stand and bang on her table while she’s being slathered.

There is lots of love and smiles and dog hair in the Becker house.

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