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We’ve been brushing Hannah’s teeth each night before bed. She doesn’t just sit and hold her mouth open, so it’s  bit of a challenge. Usually she sits on one of our laps and the other can get her to open long enough to give one or two swipes before she clamps down on the toothbrush. Then we keep distracting and swiping until we’ve gotten them all. Last week we figured out that if we let her “brush Elmo’s teeth” then she’ll let us brush her teeth longer. It’s pretty cute seeing her happily scrubbing away at Elmo’s black felt mouth. Yesterday in the nursery she found a flashcard with a picture of a toothbrush on it and tried to brush her teeth with that.

Her 4th baby molar is just starting to poke through, tooth number 12. Then we’ll just have k-9s and 2 year molars left.

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