baby cold, leaky house

Hannah has her first baby cold. She doesn’t seem half as bothered by it as Adam and I are. I had to stop making sad faces every time she coughed because then she started making sad faces, now if I get excited and cheer when she coughs she smiles, funny how much babies reflect us. She’s doing pretty well with it, plus she got a fancy new humidifier that looks like an elephant. I’m not a big fan of the saline stuff I have to spray up her nose, and neither is she, but she’s being her usual delightful and easy to sooth self. The only sad thing is that I don’t get to take her to birth-to-three or the nursery because I don’t want her to get other kids sick. Luckily Adam can watch her tonight when I go to work.

About 2 months ago we noticed water leaking out from under or water heater in the garage. We called a water heater company and they came out and the guy looked at the heater for about 0 seconds and said it was broken, and we had to get a new one, since the leak wasn’t coming from the lines going into the top, it couldn’t be fixed. He told me that it wouldn’t hurt to keep using it if the leak didn’t bother us too much, until we could get it replaced. So we’ve been intending to get it fixed, but having a baby and all, we weren’t in too much of a hurry, we just hoped over the little stream in our garage when we’d go out to do laundry.

Monday Adam had a company come out, and they gave us a price we liked so the guy installed a new water heater, and it started leaking. Awkward. The installer thought maybe the new heater wasn’t welded right, so he came back Tuesday afternoon and installed a second one. Still leaking. He thought maybe that whole batch of heaters was bad, so he drove to home depot, bought ¬†different kind, installed it, and it still leaked. So he started poking around and noticed the wall behind the heater was wet. When he took out the board that was patching the wall there (suspicious, almost like the wall had been cut open because something had happened there before) he noticed the copper pipe behind the wall had a nail puncturing it, and it was leaking. So for the last couple of months a pipe has been leaking and saturating that wall, and then running out under the water heater. Today Adam got our home owners insurance involved, and we’re having a plumped come fix the pipe this afternoon. Hopefully then we can turn our water back on, Hannah and I stayed at my parents last night, who were gracious enough to host us and share their water. Then we’ll have o see what it will take to get the wall repaired. It stinks because the first company charged us $80 to give us misinformation, and if we’d been told then we had a leak, we could have fixed it without ruining a wall. Oh well, you live and learn, and your homeowners insurance premium goes up, and we’re thankful I got a job.

Also exciting in our life, we’ve been looking for a second car. The goal is to find a car that will fit 4 adults (us and another couple), Hannah and the dogs. So we could go with some friends o the dog park, or to the beach. We found a mazda protege that seemed like it would fit us. Then we had a brainstorming session with my parents and realized that the minute kid number 2 comes along, that car would seem small. So we started thinking bigger. Adam has been resisting the mini-van idea, and suggesting SUVs, but they don’t hold as much, and they aren’t any cheaper. So Adam, being the flexible and open minded guy he is, agreed to go look at a Honda Odyssey with me. He saw the sliding doors that opened automatically and have a sensor so finger don’t get shut in them, and he was sold. We had the car checked out by our mechanic and it looks good, so hopefully we’ll make an offer this afternoon and maybe get a van!

Baby colds, leaky houses, possible mini-vans. Life is exciting at the Becker ranch.

Oh and we won another kickball game last night!

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