babies can not do anything

It’s easier to wrap your mind around this when you hang out with a newborn, but babies can’t do anything. They have to learn EVERYTHING!! They figure things out slowly and you celebrate each little milestone along the way. People who haven’t spent a lot of time with babies and met Hannah, figure she’s just like a tiny adult. But if you put Hannah on the couch next to you, she’ll just kamakazi off the front of it, and if you give her a piece of paper, she’ll eat it.

Hannah just figured out how to purposefully blow air out through her lips, much musical entertainment commenced, including a slide whistle and alligator trumpet. She also figured out how to unlock Adam’s iphone, though even if we open up a baby game for her she just repeatedly pushes the home button. She’s also working on her 3rd molar, 11th tooth, it’s on her bottom left.

Now if only I can get her to blow air out through her nose, then we could do far less snot wiping. I try and show her by blowing air out through my nose, but that just makes her laugh like crazy. =)

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