at least we got a good deal

Our house was a good deal, partly because it’s not exactly new (oh and it’s delightfully tiny). When we had the inspection before we bought it the inspectors pointed out that the furnace was at the end of it’s life and would probably need to be replaced in the near future, and the chimney needed repair. Since then we’ve (mostly Adam):

  • removed popcorn ceilings, re-textured and repainted them
  • removed a wall in the kitchen to make a larger kitchen/dining room
  • painted the walls
  • tore out the carpet and linoleum, shellacked the sub floor
  • installed laminate wood flooring
  • had the bedrooms re-carpeted
  • installed new trim along the floors
  • dropped an Ethernet line into the back bedroom
  • replaced the oven that broke the week Hannah was born
  • replaced the water heater that wasn’t broken but the water heater repairman said it was (boo!)
  • had our huge maple trimmed by an arborist
  • replaced the fixture on the kitchen sink
  • replaced the main toilet with a dual flush toilet
  • plus all the weeding, lawn mowing, watering, leaf raking, etc.

and now the freezer is on it’s way out, so it’s the next on our list. So we are praying that the furnace doesn’t need to be replaced this winter as we’ve kept ourselves plenty busy with other projects. Once the house gets below 65 we’ll be turning the furnace on, so we’ll keep you posted. =)

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