Appraisal done!!!!

Our house appraised for $2,000 more than we’re paying for it, horay!!!!! So now we just need to finish all the loan document stuff and we’ll be on our way to home ownership. I’m so excited!


  • Lorna Ailsa

    Well it seems to me like you will be one of us soon=) congrats. and you did do it all in the right order. get married, buy a house, then have a baby. good job!!!! tehehhehe

  • kate

    that’s funny. Though in the kids song is it “first come love, then comes marriage, then comes home buying, then comes baby in the baby carriage” ? hahaha

  • Lorna Ailsa

    no i think it goes something like this “first comes one night stand, then comes baby, then comes baby mama drama, then comes like, then comes love, then comes 7 years of living together, then comes common law marriage=) hahahah.

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