Anniversary Present?


Just kidding, no new puppy for us. My mom did get a 7 week old female labradoodle though, and she’s super cute. Pretty cool to get to play with a puppy all day and then leave at night when the crying begins. =)

Adam and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary this Friday. We went to dinner with my family which was fun. We’re not doing anything special, since we’re saving money for house updates. Though Adam did give me a special present tonight by killing the giant black spider that was above our bed, and then even getting the flashlight and searching till he found it’s little dead body in the sheets so I didn’t have to sleep with it. Such a good husband!

Things are moving along with the house. We had a frustrating hiccup when the seller wouldn’t agree to any of the fixes we requested, but it’s less than $1000 worth of work, and none of it has to be done before we could live there. Our realtor and mortgage broker are even pitching in with housewarming gifts in the form of furnace maintenance and chimney re-mortaring, nice of them. So the appraisal will happen early next week, and hopefully the house will appraise for more than we offered. If not things will get rough again, since I don’t see the seller suddenly getting cooperative and easy to work with. Luckily once we close on the house we won’t have to deal with her again.

Adam and I have been hanging out with my brother Ben, his wife Vicki, and their daughters Madelyn (3) and Alayna (5 weeks) who are up visiting from California this week. We went to the children’s science museum with my parents and Ben and Madelyn today. Then tonight after dinner Adam got inside the giant cardboard box Madelyn has been using as a playhouse and chased Madelyn around the yard pac-man style. My parents laughed so hard they cried, and Madelyn now has a new favorite family member. The puppy joined the chase for a few minutes which was even cuter. Adam also changed his first diaper, and did great, Alayna didn’t cry and Adam didn’t gag, so overall a huge success. =)

We also went to Jerry’s (the Eugene local version of home depot) and got prices for paint, carpet and wood laminate. We also brought home samples so we could try and get a little closer to deciding what we want to do. Adam is trying to prioritize all the possible renovations we could do and figure out what’s reasonable and doable for him, and in the time between when we get the house keys and when we want to move in. The things we need to do are rip up the carpet and padding in the entire house, seal the particleboard with some sort of thick primer (shellac or oil based) and put down carpet in the bedrooms (Jerry’s will install this for only $99 so we’re going to let them do the work) and then put down wood laminate in the rest of the house. Any paint the walls, everything but the bathrooms.  The other things he’s thinking about is scraping off the popcorn ceilings (which probably aren’t asbestos, but it’s a risk) and that would be much easier when the carpet is up an we’re about to reseal everything anyway. There is also a wall that comes out about 8 feet to separate the kitchen and dining room that we’d like to remove, but that takes crawling under the house to see if it’s a supporting wall, removing it, changing the insulation in the wall and dry-walling the hole. So there is plenty to be done, and all will add value to the house, Adam just has to figure out how much energy he wants to use and what we can do later.

Our little bug is kicking me several times daily, mostly when I eat some form of sugar. It delights me that sugar delights her, maybe she’ll love chocolate just as much as me. =)


  • Lorna Ailsa

    Yeah!!!! wait a go kicking little one=) that sounds like a lot to be done, like i have told you before, i am here to help in any way possible. the puppy looks adorable, can’t wait to meet her.

  • Marjorie

    Oh wow did I identify with a lot in your post! We’re a huge nick-naming fmaily. We have multiple nick names for each other, our son and especially our cats. I’m amazed Daniel knows the cats’ real names LOL.My name was supposed to be Carrie Elizabeth and shortened to Carrie Beth, but my parents came up with KeAnne at the last minute with Elizabeth being used as my first name (KeAnne’s my middle). My fmaily and friends have always called me Kiki. I had some less pleasant names in school that I’m thrilled to have outgrown ( Kickstand for instance).

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