A change of heart

Since Kate and I found out that something had taken up residence in her uterus we’ve always had the idea that we would wait until it’s birthday to find out the sex. This all stemmed from me thinking out loud. At some point, I said, “It would be cool if I could announce the sex of our child when it is born.” Even though I wasn’t attached to the idea, we were going to wait.

The last couple of weeks we had been thinking about it, because the big ultrasound is coming up. We have decided that it would be way more fun to know now instead of waiting and to make it more exciting for all of you. So, were going to play a little game. Here is what we are going to do: on Wednesday we’re going to post the big ultrasound video with a poll and you all have a week to vote on what you think the sex is. Then we’re going to post the actual results (in a creative way) for everyone to know.

More to come on Wednesday!


  • Annette

    I hope you guys can tell. Sometimes at 18 weeks, it can be hit or miss. But if they think they already know from your last u/s I can’t imagine that it would be harder now. Besides… It’s not like Kate’s doctor won’t schedule more ultrasounds after this one anyway!

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