7 years

Last night Adam and I had our 8th valentines day together. & years ago we went on our first date. As college students we hadn’t planned ahead, so every restaurant was booked, we talked and realized we both loved wendys so we went there. Then we saw 50 first dates. So yesterday we celebrated by taking Hannah to wendys and watching a movie after she went to bed. Hannah bought Adam some magic cards and Adam got me butterfingers.
Adam loves Kate

This morning Hannah and I were leaving for work just before Adam so we were saying goodbye to Adam and Hannah was doing her usual adorable floppy arm wave and then just as I shut the front door this tiny voice said, “bye-bye!”. I quickly unlocked and reopened the door and she was nice enough to say it again so Adam could hear. And then 15 times in the car on the way to work. Very cute!
be my valetnine!


  • Valerie

    Valentines Day dinner at Wendy’s reminds me of the year Eric and I had Thanksgiving dinner at Jack In The Box.

    Byebyebyebyebyebye!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!! I LOVE this!

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