7 months

Hannah is 7 months old. She’s celebrating by cutting some new teeth. She got her two front bottom teeth about 2 months ago, and is now getting a bottom side and top side tooth. I bet other top teeth will follow shortly, but her smile will be pretty silly for a bit, since her only top tooth will be off to the side.

She’s doing a great job sleeping through the night, even while she’s been teething. I’m still trying to relearn how to sleep through, I keep waking up and wondering why she hasn’t cried for me.

Today at birth-to-three Hannah weighed 19 pounds, 5 ounces. She’s been gaining about an ounce a week for the last month or so. I’ve been told that one she gets more mobile she might lose a bit of weight, or just slim down some.

Hannah is getting motivated to figure out a new form of movement, she keeps seeing things she wants and straining towards them, but she can’t quite reach them. She’s been rolling, and getting onto her belly to pivot and then roll a different direction. Now she’s starting to try and get from sitting up to her belly, and ends up in crawling position for a few moments before falling forward on her face. It’s sad because she’s doing a fair amount of falling, but I guess that’s part of learning. Plus, hopefully falling doesn’t hurt too bad when you’re just a few inches from the floor.

I’m hoping for a repeat tutorial from Adam on how to upload videos to youtube, so I can show you all some video. I was a little more sleep deprived during the last tutorial, so none o it stuck. Luckily I have a very patient husband who will kindly show me again. =)

Adam, Kevin, Hannah and SilkeAdam, Kevin, Hannah and Silke

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