6 months

Hannah will be 6 months old tomorrow!

It’s been a big month for her. She has mastered sitting up. Found her feet, and now hangs out in her crib for a bit after she wakes up and plays with them. She jumps like crazy in the jump-a-roo at church, and has even started jumping in her slightly less bouncy exersaucer at home. She looks when you say her name, and will arch out of the carseat when you unbuckle her. She got 2 teeth, the bottom front two, but when you try and see them, she sticks out her tongue.

Just in the last couple of days she has started rolling tons, mostly when she is supposed to be going to sleep. She rolls onto her tummy towards the quilt her Aunt Vicki made her that’s hanging over her crib and plays an odd version of baby peek-a-boo. Then rolls the other way and pets her heartbeat bear. We have to swaddle her arms to get her to stop rolling and go to sleep.

I can’t believe she’s been her half a year! Just when we think it isn’t possible, we love her even more.

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