3 months!

Today at birth to three Hannah weighed 14 pounds, 13.4 ounces.

I haven’t been updating the blog much since I’ve been using her nap time to sew. Yesterday I made a couple of bibs, you can tell they are homemade, but Hannah doesn’t seem to mind barfing on poorly sewn items. =)

Lots has happened in the last few weeks. Hannah found her hands. We were getting ready to take Adam to work one rainy morning and had to stop and make a video since she figured out how to hit the little toy that’s been dangling from her car seat handle for the last month. Last week she giggled, and since then Adam has been able to get her to do it again a couple of times, but we haven’t quite figured out her funny bone. Yesterday she went to the church nursery for the first time while I was at bible study. It was hard t leave her, but reportedly she was very good. They laughed about how she looks so small but it so heavy when you pick her up.

Hannah has been sleeping lots during the day (she still sleeps pretty well at night, just wakes up around 2 and 5 to eat) I thought maybe she was in a growth spurt, but she’s been sleeping lots for over a week now, so maybe she’s just getting a new routine.

Today I took her to get pictures taken at walmart, to try and create the 3 month photo of me when I was a baby. She did great and we got a super cute shot of her smiling, but  won’t get the prints for a week. We got back the pictures that Amanda Smith took of her and Henry and they are fantastic. Once I figure out the new upload program for the blog I’ll get them all up.

Other than that we’re all doing well. Adam is enjoying work and having fun creating all sorts of new systems. Dash and Chloe are bored due to lack of walking, and ready for the sunny season and more time outside. Yoshi is actually becoming rather friendly (apparently the trick is to ignore cats and they’ll come to you).

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