15 months

Yesterday Hannah hit 15 months old. She is back to her old self, cheerful and fun. She is working on her 13th tooth, one of her top k-9s. She’s also babbling a lot which is fun. She loves to say ball and dog, and point out any that she sees. We are in the weird transition period between 2 naps a day and one, so some days she still does 2, and some days she does one. On the one nap days it’s a nice 2-3 hour afternoon nap, but she tends to be a little crankier for the hour or so before the nap.

She’s starting to respond when we ask her to do things like “point to the bird” in her book. This week she even tried to say “blue” when Adam asked her to point to it in her book. She’s getting fast enough to run away from me when I ask her to come here. We also learned that her tall baby feet don’t fit in regular mary-jane style shoes anymore, so it’s sneakers for her till her feet get flatter.

Our friend Betsey got some amazing pictures of Hannah on my birthday just before she turned 14 months:

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