10 months!

Hannah is 10 months old as of Sunday! So much has happened in the last month:
We went to the pumpkin patch

Hannah is starting to eat more “big people” food like whole bananas

and saltine crackers

Hannah was a butterfly for her first halloween, and Adam and I got to help hand out candy to 400 kids at my parents house

Hannah tried meat sticks (hot dogs for babies)

Hannah got her first real legos thanks to a friend at church

Hannah now has 8 teeth, 4 front top and bottom. She can open drawers and cabinets, and the toilet! She still crawls everywhere unless we stand her up, then she’ll walk a few feet and fall and go back to crawling. She’s starting to understand “no” and throw tantrums accordingly. She had her first, “I want it!” tantrum at costco when we took her off the life size pony so we could keep shopping, pretty funny.

I uploaded lots of new videos from the last month:

We’re off to bath time, then to the nursery!


  • Aunt Annette

    Henry had his first tantrum this week too! He threw a fit when I tried putting him in the ergo leaving the play area at Valley River. It was funny.

  • Aunt Annette

    Yeah, I realized how important it was to be consistent and not give in. Hopefully such stability will teach them quickly what is and is not ok. Also, I’m trying to remember constantly to have age-appropriate expectations. 🙂

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