1 year old

I’ve been remiss in keeping the blog up to date, I’d like to blame the fact that our computer monitor has been usurped by Adam’s new gaming PC, but that isn’t a terribly good excuse. So I’ll just say that I’m going to try harder to blog more.

Hannah celebrated her first birthday with a fantastic party, the highlight being her first cupcake, which she enjoyed very very much.

We are so blessed to have a huge support system of friends and family, Hannah is one well loved child.

She grows up a little bit everyday. This last month that has been literal, she’s grown almost an inch in the last 4 weeks! She’s running and climbing. She really keeps me on my toes now that she can climb up on things, but lacks any fear, so she’ll climb up on a chair or something, and then walk right off it. There is a lot of face diving, and she usually has some sort of bruise or scrape on her face. The current one is from refusing to hold hands while walking across the gravel parking lot, and face diving.

When she’s in the mood she’ll tell you that a sheep says “baa” and a penguin says “waddle-waddle”. If she’s in a really good mood she’ll tell you a lion says, “roar” and a polar bear says “growl”, though usually she gets distracted if she has an audience and forgets. She must be up from her nap, I can hear her summoning me with her new trick where she sticks her legs through the crib slats so she can kick the wall and make lots of noise.

We’re just finishing up a month of colds and hoping for at least a few week break where she can be well and snot free, though she’s usually pretty cheerful even when she’s sick. She has figured out that weekends are prime Daddy time and pretty much refuses to be put down at any point, even when he’s cooking
making breakfast with Daddy

Time to go free her from the crib before she breaks through the drywall. =)

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