1 week!!

Now when people ask when I’m due I get to say “Wednesday!”

Very exciting.

We have a doctors appointment later today. They aren’t very exciting anymore, Hannah’s heartbeat is always good and strong, and we’re just playing the waiting game now. My doc doesn’t like her patients to go more than a week overdue, so at some point here we’ll have to come up with a game plan in case she doesn’t want to come voluntarily.

Tonight Adam and I are helping with the middle school all nighter at church. Well, I’m helping for a bit, then going home to bed, Adam is going to stay all night playing mini golf, laser tag, sock’em (game invented by the youth pastor involving kids thwacking each other with long socks stuffed with other socks) and more fun.

I’ve been enjoying balancing nesting and resting. Adam has been working so hard, putting in long days at work then coming home and doing everything that requires lifting, climbing, or electronics. He put together some dressers from Ikea and we’re using them as nightstands. We haven’t had dressers in a while so that’s been really nice, and now we have nightstands for our guest room. I’m feeling ready, washed all the baby clothes and put them away, and Adam has our bags packed for the hospital. Today I’m hoping to sweep and vacuum and keep the dogs company.

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